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Actress Chloë Grave Moretz stars in the new conversion therapy centered drama The Miseducation of Cameron Post, which sees her playing a character sent to a facility where she is sent to to “pray the gay away.”

She recently sat down with the BBC and revealed she had a personal connection to the movie’s themes, as her own brothers tried to change their sexual orientations before both coming out to the family as gay.

“We were raised in a small town in Northwest Georgia…It’s a very Christian, Baptist town,” she said. “So when my brothers came out, it was fairly jarring to the community.”

“We were very blessed to have my mother, who is incredibly progressive, but nonetheless they dealt with a lot of self hate when they came out. And they tried to—which is very common within the community we grew up in—’pray the gay away’ on their own, before coming out to the family.”

Moretz noted she was unaware of this fact at the time, and called the revelation “shocking.”

She went on to describe the modern day practice of conversion therapy as “a quiet conversation to help manipulate you into hating the way you were born.”

Moretz also shared the path that led her to starring in The Miseducation of Cameron Post, and her plans for the future.

“Prior to making this film, and prior to reading this script, I had taken about a year and a half off from acting to try and reconfigure, and kind of realize who I am as a young woman, and what I want to do with my platform. And (making sure) that what I put out isn’t just entertainment, but some form of activism and social justice,” she explained.

As Moretz noted in the interview, conversion therapy is legal to practice on adults in all 50 states, and is only illegal to be practiced on minors in 14 states. The California Senate recently passed legislation that would outlaw conversion therapy on both adults and minors.

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