Karina   •   November 11,2015

Hello guys! I added to the gallery 10 new stills from the movie 5th Wave

5~6.jpg  9~4.jpg 2~12.jpg 8~4.jpg 3~11.jpg

Rencel   •   September 9,2015

Great day! I have here the official movie trailer of “The 5th wave” and it was so amazing 😉 . I am so excited !! So you can watch the trailer below in HD. I also created the screenshot. Enjoy your stay here. 🙂 And have a great day everyone.


I also have here some stills from the movie. 🙂 Thank you Anna for sending them. 😀

Rencel   •   September 9,2015

Good Day guys. I have a great news.  The fifth wave poster is out! I know its late but this is for those who haven’t seen the poster yet. I cant wait any longer for the movie to come out. I am so excited. 🙂

And I made the screen shots of Kick Ass 2 trailer which is not added here yet. Soon I’ll post the movie screen shots. Stay Tuned and Enjoy. 🙂